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Devastating floods in Pakistan

Over 30 million in need of emergency assistance

Pakistan has been hit by severe flooding as a result of extreme rainfall during the monsoon season. Roads, homes, crops and livestock have been washed away. Millions of people are left homeless, many have lost their lives and the government has declared a national emergency. Oxfam is on the ground making sure people get the essentials they need to survive - hygiene kits, emergency food parcels and shelter. 

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Pakistan is responsible for less than one percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, but is one of the countries most vulnerable to the severe effects of climate change. The people of Pakistan are bearing the brunt of rich countries' emissions and the country's government has described the devastating floods as a "humanitarian crisis of epic proportions caused by climate change".


"Floods are not uncommon in Pakistan, but these floods are bigger than we have ever seen before. It should go without saying that Pakistan should not have to pay the price for the carbon emissions that the richest countries in the world are responsible for."
- Syed Shahnawaz Ali, Director of Oxfam Pakistan.


Millions of people in need of help

Together with local partners, Oxfam is implementing a humanitarian response focusing on the most affected provinces, Balochistan and Sindh.


"Many of those who have lost their homes are now living on the streets, leading to serious safety and security risks, especially for women and girls, but also for society at large. Affected people in Pakistan need immediate access to basic resources and facilities, including clean water, food and shelter."
- Farah Munawar, Oxfam Pakistan Project Manager


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