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Organisation and governance


Oxfam Sweden opened its first office in March 2014. We work with fundraising, communications, corporate partnerships and impact. Our goal is to inform the public about Oxfam's work, engage people in our issues, create change that benefits the fight against poverty and raise funds for our work around the world. Oxfam in Sweden is part of the global Oxfam movement.

The Swedish head office is located in Stockholm. Since 2020 we have an office in Malmö and in 2022 we opened an office in Gothenburg.

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How is your gift used?

The money raised in Sweden is used to help people affected by crises and disasters, for projects that lift people out of poverty, and for communication and advocacy work that changes the root causes of why people remain in poverty. Oxfam operates in over 80 countries and Oxfam Sweden's money goes to a large number of projects in different countries. You can read more about which projects Oxfam Sweden's income has gone to in our annual report below.

Oxfam has a 90-account in Sweden, which means that we are affiliated to and controlled by the Swedish Fundraising Control. A 90-account is a seal of quality that guarantees that fundraising is done in an ethical way and that at least 75% of the funds raised are used for the purpose.

Salaries and fees

Oxfam Sweden's Secretary General has a monthly salary of SEK 70,288. The salary is determined by the Board of Directors, taking into account the responsibilities that the position entails. No overtime is paid and there are no special pension benefits. Benefits such as wellness allowance are the same as for other employees. The Secretary-General is not covered by the Employment Protection Act.

On behalf of the Board, the Secretary General is responsible for managing Oxfam's activities in Sweden and has ultimate responsibility for finances, work environment, quality of operations and organisational development.

The Secretary General will also represent Oxfam both nationally and internationally and advocate for the issues that Oxfam promotes within the framework of our mission.

Oxfam's employees are covered by the Akademikerförbund's collective agreement and the salary structure is in line with similar organisations and operations in Sweden.

Oxfam Sweden Board of Directors

The Board currently consists of five members. All members of the Board work without remuneration.

Michiel is Executive Director of Oxfam Novib since 2018 and has extensive experience in international cooperation and human rights. After working for both Amnesty International and the UN, he joined the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2001. In 2012, he switched from diplomacy to politics and became a Member of Parliament and foreign policy spokesperson for the PvdA, the Dutch Labor Party. Michiel is also a board member of Oxfam International and SHO, a coalition of 11 Dutch organizations working together on humanitarian aid issues.

Lilian is Director of Engagement at Oxfam Novib. She is responsible for bringing together different forces in the Netherlands for a just and sustainable world. The new engagement department brings together all the expertise in campaigning, advocacy, communication, activation and fundraising. Lilian has extensive experience in digital marketing, strategy, innovation and organisational change from both the business and the arts and culture sectors.

Shin works at Oxfam UK on international market development and has overall responsibility for Oxfam's fundraising work in South Korea, among other things.

Jessica is the founder of the agency Besvärlig since 1977 and is one of Sweden's most talked about and successful communicators. She is a PR and communication expert, lecturer and inspirer as well as a journalist and presenter at Swedish Radio. Jessica has worked for many years in both civil society and business with brands such as Stockholm Pride, Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages and SBAB. She is also an expert on norms, values, LGBTQI and gender equality issues, as well as values-driven and socially reflective communication.

Marieke is Unit Manager Partnerships and Program Development with responsibility for institutional funding and program quality. She has worked at Oxfam Novib for over eight years and has more than 20 years of experience in international development cooperation.

Therese has been Secretary General of Ung Cancer since 2022 and has extensive experience as a leader in the non-profit sector. Therese previously worked at the Red Cross, where she was head of both fundraising and program activities. She has also worked with the Red Cross's work on program development, impact measurement, financing and advocacy. In addition to this, Therese has served on a number of boards, such as the Swedish Peace Association and the Association for Development Issues.


Here you will find important documents such as our Annual Report and Impact Report.

Impact report 2022-2023


Impact report 2021-2022


Annual report 2022-2023


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