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Four women, squatting on a wooden log, look at the camera and smile.

About Oxfam Sweden

Learn more about how we work to fight poverty and injustice - for an equal future.

About us

Oxfam Sweden is a part of a global organization that works to saving and improving people's lives. We do this in several ways, with a clear goal: an equal future. We fight climate inequality, economic inequality and inequality, and injustices that cause poverty and oppression - and we are are on the ground during crises and disasters. Together with millions of allies, we operate in over 80 countries. We contribute new knowledge, make visible skewed social structures, provide people with tools for change - and demand that those in power take responsibility. And we will not stop until everyone's value and rights are respected.

Our work is grounded in universal human rights and everything we do is informed by a feminist and decolonial approach.


Our vision

"Oxfam's vision is an equal and just world without povertywhere everyone's equal equal value and rights are respected and realized, and where people can can influence their own lives."

Our goal is an equal world that is fair and sustainable; a world where people and the planet are respected in fair economic systems; a world where the climate crisis is properly addressed, and where those in power take responsibility and are held accountable for their actions.

Large-scale change is possible when we act in solidarity with people living in poverty and facing injustice and oppression. Millions of people across the world are mobilising and raising their voices against inequality, poverty and exclusion. Together for an equal future.

What we do

Fighting global inequalities

There are many different forms of inequality that drive poverty and injustice. To achieve the greatest impact, we focus on the forms of inequality and injustice where we see we can make the biggest difference.

Economic inequality

The richest 1% in the world own more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people combined. At the same time, millions of people live in extreme poverty, unable to exercise their rights. This is neither fair nor sustainable.

The extreme disparity between rich and poor, and between different groups in society, complicates the fight against poverty, damages economies and creates frustration. Economic inequality is the result of political decisions that favour the people and companies that already have the power and the money.

That's why, as well as empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty, Oxfam also works to change the systems that perpetuate economic inequality and keep people in poverty. We build more sustainable economies for an equal future.

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Primrose, a young woman, has her baby on her back and hangs laundry, South Africa.

Climate Equality

Climate change is destroying homes and people's lives. And they hit people in poverty and people in particularly vulnerable countries the hardest - those who have done the least to cause them. People in low- and middle-income countries are five times more likely to be affected by extreme weather disasters; and existing inequalities such as gender and ethnicity make already marginalised groups even more vulnerable.

At the same time, it is the richest who emit the most greenhouse gases. A billionaire's emissions from his investments are estimated to be a million times greater than the average person's consumption emissions, and in two hours a billionaire emits as much greenhouse gas as a person from the poorest 50% of the world's population does in a year.

We support people to find ways to survive and thrive despite extreme weather. And we press governments and businesses for solutions that allow us to tackle the climate crisis, with those who caused most of it also taking most of the responsibility for solving it.

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Farmer Faraj, 56, stands with shovel in hand and looks out over his parched field in Syria.

Unequal trading systems and corporate responsibility

The private sector and businesses are the largest employers globally, playing a major role in people's lives, indeed, in entire societies. At the same time, millions of people working in the global supply chains of companies live in poverty and precarious working conditions.

Oxfam works to support workers and farmers with the aim of ensuring that their human rights are respected and that they can live on their income. We press politicians and companies to act for a more equitable trading system and greater corporate responsibility in sustainability, including respect for human rights and the environment.

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Farmer Lucas, showing his dehydrated corn field.

We are on the ground in disasters and crises

As climate-related disasters, protracted conflicts and crises increase in the world, more and more people are forced into vulnerability, poverty and displacement. Their lives are being disrupted through no fault of their own, and those who are already most vulnerable are hit hardest. Oxfam's disaster relief saves lives and is a vital part of the drive for a fairer and more equal world.

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A person wearing an Oxfam vest carries out boxes of hygiene products from a van, Poland.

Our values

We believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly, and to have the same rights and opportunities.

We recognise and empower people's autonomy over their lives and the decisions that affect them.

We join forces, support and cooperate across borders to work for a more equal world.

We embrace diversity, and value the perspectives and contributions of all people and communities in the fight against poverty and injustice.

We take responsibility for our actions towards the people we work with and for.

We speak truth to power and act with conviction for what we believe in.

What we stand for

We are rights-based

Our work is grounded in our commitment to human rights. We uphold and promote the implementation of international rights instruments.


We are feminist

We understand that there can be no economic, social or climate justice without gender justice. Feminist principles guide all our actions and interactions.


We fight inequality

We work to reduce poverty and injustice everywhere by working with people, communities, partners and allies for just and sustainable solutions.


We are humanitarian

We work with communities before, during, and after crises to build their resilience, save lives, and together address the root causes of conflict and disaster.


We are both local and global

We are a global network of local, independent organisations. We build solidarity and bring people together across borders and regions.


We are driven by diversity

Within Oxfam and in our work with others, we are inspired by people from different socio-cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and abilities.


We are an expert organisation

We want to constantly generate new insights that can create solutions to complex problems. Our advocacy work is always based on evidence and experience.