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24 August 2023

Today we want to tell you about Muna in Nepal, who thanks to the support of our monthly donors is now able to pay for her children's education and support herself.

Muna outside her home, Nepal. Photo: Kishor Sharma/Oxfam

In rural Nepal, it is common for families to struggle to make a living. Muna and her husband lived with their three children in the town of Chandrapur. When they had to close down their furniture factory for financial reasons, they could no longer pay off their loans. Muna's husband had to travel abroad to earn more money, and Muna herself had to take a low-wage job.

"My husband went abroad over ten years ago. And since then he has not returned once."

Muna's main concern has been not being able to pay for her children's education.

"It is difficult to survive on so little money. But whatever the circumstances, I have to find a way to send money to them. Even if it means sacrificing my own meals, I am willing to do it."


Muna with the women-led group, Nepal. Photo: Kishor Sharma/Oxfam

One day Muna found out that there was a group of women who had started a business with the support of Oxfam and a local organization in Chandrapur. Over two days, Muna received training in business strategy, planning and marketing. The project provided the women with a number of sewing machines and taught them how to make bags, cushions and other textiles. Muna sews bags to be used instead of plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastic in the city.

"We wanted to work with the environment and prevent climate change. And then we asked if they could teach us how to sew textile bags."

Muna shows one of the cloth bags she made. Photo: Kishor Sharma/Oxfam

The group has changed Muna's life. She can send money to her children to use for school supplies - and there is also money left over.

"The money from the bags has enabled savings. I can now save 200 rupees every month."

Muna misses her husband, but looks forward to the future:

"Even though I've been alone for the last ten years, I've taken care of three children and I can support myself. And as long as the children want to study, they should be allowed to do so. Education is what creates positive change."