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Save the aid!

21 June 2022

We face enormous challenges. The pandemic has led to increased hunger and poverty, and set gender equality back decades. The climate crisis is affecting people's daily lives right now and the number of conflicts is increasing. Democracy and human rights are under severe threat in many parts of the world. A recent Oxfam report showed that a quarter of a million people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty before the end of the year. The situation is urgent and extremely serious, and rich countries have a special responsibility to contribute to a safer and more equal world. Together with 60 other organisations in Concord Sweden, we are protesting against Sweden's decision to cut back on aid in this situation, and reduce support to the most vulnerable.

Sweden has been giving one percent of our gross national income (GNI) in aid for several decades. It is aid that is recognised as effective and crucial for millions of people. It can mean the difference between life and death, education and poverty, freedom and violence.

There are parties in the Swedish parliament that now want to take back our promise to the world. In the spring budget, the government has already cut aid by almost a fifth. Other parties are campaigning to cut even more and thus take money from those who have the least. Such cuts have disastrous consequences, such as 760 000 people going hungry not being fed, 2 million children not being able to go to school and 2 million people not having access to clean water.

Our politicians need to know that there are many of us who do not accept that Sweden is failing these people. Sign the appeal to save aid!