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Oxfam's work to help refugees

29 March 2022

Our work to help people fleeing conflict, drought and famine continues as intensively as ever.

Over 3.5 million people have already fled the deadly violence in Ukraine and the number is rising every day. The suffering is indescribable and Oxfam is working to find ways to help secure the escape routes, deliver hygiene items and provide cash vouchers to families in need of food, shelter and shelter.At the same time, our work is ongoing in other parts of the world and we must not forget these people, even if they are not currently making the headlines.

The situation is still terrible for the people in these places and we must not forget them, even if they are not in the media headlines at the moment. Moreover, the acute world situation has made their situation even worse. With food and fuel prices soaring, life for people already living in great vulnerability has become even harder.

More than 21 million people face severe hunger in East Africa, a region that has already been severely affected by devastating droughts, floods and the catastrophic effects of the pandemic. In Yemen , the war has been going on for seven years and it remains one of the world's biggest humanitarian crises. Nearly four million people have been displaced and three quarters of the population are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

These are places where the threat of climate change and war is ever-present, and where clean water, healthcare and food are not a given. But these are also places where Oxfam already has a strong presence and a long experience of working with local organisations in the fight against poverty and vulnerability - for peace. Here, life-saving efforts are underway every day.