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Oxfam co-founder of ETI Sweden

12 December 2019

ETI Sweden was founded today to work for fair conditions in world trade Oxfam Sweden is one of the co-founders.

Swedish companies, trade unions, civil society and public actors are now joining forces to promote good working conditions in producing countries. The establishment of a Swedish Ethical Trading Initiative, ETI Sweden, represents a joint effort to promote fair conditions in world trade.

ETI organizations already exist in the UK, Norway and Denmark. The Swedish equivalent is now focusing on becoming an engine for better working conditions through broad cooperation.

Swedish imports are entirely dependent on production in high-risk countries with unsafe working conditions and negative social and environmental footprints. Efforts to ensure good working conditions in complex global supply chains are progressing in the first instance, but further down the chain, where the risks are greatest, there is neither traceability nor transparency.

ETI Sweden opens up new opportunities for cooperation for actors within Sweden and with other ETI organizations in other countries. Through skills enhancement and local projects, ETI Sweden will contribute to fair working conditions, reduced environmental degradation and work against corruption. Membership is open to companies, civil society, trade unions and the public sector. One of the founders of ETI Sweden, Systembolaget, believes that the major benefits are the power to influence.

The EIT addresses not only trading companies but also industrial, construction and energy companies, which also often face major challenges in their global supply chains with unethical and environmentally destructive extraction and manufacturing in high-risk countries.

"Traceability and knowledge of how to prevent and manage risks in the supply chain is low. There are widespread human rights violations and widespread poverty. To address this, different actors need to work together. This is where civil society can contribute with expertise and local contacts."

Hanna Nelson, policy officer at Oxfam Sweden

Founding organizations of ETI Sweden are: Axfoundation, Coop Sweden, Fairtrade Sweden, LO, Oxfam Sweden, Systembolaget, Unionen, Union to Union, Västtrafik.