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Ban trade in illegal settlements!

16 February 2023

The European Union considers that Israeli settlements built illegally on occupied Palestinian land are an obstacle to achieving peace and stability in the conflict. Nevertheless, the EU allows trade in these illegal settlements, the profits of which deepen poverty and the violation of Palestinian rights. Oxfam therefore calls on EU citizens to sign the call for a historic law to end the trade in illegal settlements. 

International humanitarian law is clear that an occupying power (in this case Israel) must not allow its own population into the land it occupies. The law also prohibits the confiscation of land to build or expand settlements. For decades, however, Israel has completely ignored these laws, evicting Palestinians from occupied land to make way for illegal settlements.  

The EU and its Member States are complicit. Although the EU's position on illegal Israeli settlements is clear, it allows its citizens to buy products made in illegal settlements. As long as this is allowed to continue, the number of illegal settlements will increase and cause more and more human rights violations against Palestinians, without legal consequences. 

Sign the petition and call on the EU to:
- Stop human rights violations
- Respect international law
- Stop the trade in illegal settlements once and for all

The petition is a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), which enables EU citizens to shape Europe by asking the European Commission to propose legislation. If we collect one million signatures, the EU must legally take action.