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Räddningsteam letar efter människor i rasmassorna, Turkiet, 6 februari 2023. Foto: Ahmet Yukus/Depo Photos via ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Över 50 000 har dött och ännu fler skadats efter kraftiga jordbävningar. Ge vad du kan idag – ditt stöd kan rädda liv.

Under natten till måndag den 6 februari drabbades Turkiet och Syrien av en mycket kraftig jordbävning. På förmiddagen skedde ännu en jordbävning, denna gång i centrala Turkiet. Magnituderna har uppmätts till 7,8 respektive 7,5. Över 50 000 människor har dött och siffrorna stiger hela tiden. 


"The scale of the damage is enormous. After two major earthquakes and more than 60 aftershocks, people are still in shock and fear, they don't even have time to mourn their loved ones."

- Meryam Aslan, Oxfam spokesperson in Ankara

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Destroyed building after the earthquakes, Aleppo, 6 February 2023. Photo: Islam Mardini/Oxfam

Destroyed building after the earthquakes, Aleppo, Syria, 6 February 2023.

Killing many who are already on the run

The first earthquake has mainly affected southern Turkey, particularly areas around the city of Gaziantep and the region of Hantay. These are areas where many refugees who fled Syria are located.

The earthquake also hit north-west Syria, already affected by the conflict in the country and where the majority of the 6.7 million people who have fled their homes are. Since then, Oxfam has been on the ground in Syria, reaching 1.5 million people with life-saving interventions. Your support can save lives in disasters - make a donation by clicking here!



"We know that all the countries affected by this terrible earthquake, and the survivors, will need a lot of support and help - not only in the acute short-term, but also in the days, weeks and months to come"

- Meryam Aslan, Oxfam spokesperson in Ankara

Rescue teams and civilians search through the rubble, Syria, 2 February 2023. Photo: Ghaith Alsayed/AP/Shutterstock

Rescue teams and civilians search through the rubble, Syria, 2 February 2023.

What does Oxfam do?

Oxfam KEDV (Oxfam in Turkey) is working with about 80 women's cooperatives in ten Turkish provinces affected by the earthquake, and is currently planning interventions.

"Together with partners, Oxfam is collecting the information needed to assess the scale of the damage and what people most urgently need. Usually Oxfam provides shelter, water, food and sanitation. We are now assessing what kind of emergency and long-term support is needed," said Meryam Aslan, Oxfam spokesperson in Ankara.


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