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Have you been contacted by us?


As long as poverty and inequality exist, Oxfam will continue to work for a fairer world. We do this with the support of our donors. The need is great and more donations are needed. We may contact you and ask if you would like to help.

We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that it is we at Oxfam who are contacting you, and not someone else. That's why we've put together our approach to asking for donations, or getting in touch to tell you about our work and how your money is being used.


How to get in touch

When you make a donation to Oxfam , Oxfam, Oxfam Sweden or Insamlingsstiftelsen Ox fam Sverige will be listed as the recipient when you make a payment. There may be exceptions when we collaborate with certain partners - in these cases, Oxfam Sweden's logo, name and contact information are included on the page where you register.

The exception is direct debit payments via our partner, Assently, which have their company name on them when you sign with BankID. Of course, you will see which agreement you are signing so you can check that it is from Oxfam.

We can call you on the phone and we will generally call you from one of these numbers:

  • 08 411 88 22
  • 04 986 463 00
  • 08 501 347 02
  • 08 425 018 56
  • 075 880 08 45
  • 0498 64 63 00
  • 076 666 40 54
  • 076 666 40 47
  • 076 666 40 53
  • 08 425 041 80
  • 08 425 041 77
  • 08 425 039 40
  • 01 028 822 97
  • 01 060 918 85
  • 01 028 822 15

Calls are made by our partners. Callers work with Oxfam and have received training from us. When they introduce themselves, they will tell you that they are calling from Oxfam or on behalf of Oxfam.

Our pre-recorded calls are made from these numbers: 

  • 46850929422
  • 46850929423
  • 46850929424
  • 46850929425
  • 46850929426

For a period of time, we are now testing making pre-recorded calls to people who are engaged in our work as monthly donors, one-off donors, as past donors or as someone who has signed a petition or downloaded an e-book. You may receive one of our pre-recorded calls thanking you for your commitment and asking if you can help in the fight for a more equal future.

Read more about pre-recorded calls here.

Our pre-recorded calls are made from these numbers: 

  • 46850929422
  • 46850929423
  • 46850929424
  • 46850929425
  • 46850929426
  • When we send text messages, the sender is Oxfam. In some phone models, it may say that the mailing comes from one of the following numbers:
  • 72901
  • 72660

E-mails always carry our logo and are sent from the sender's address info@oxfam.se . For some specific mailings, the sender may be a different address, but the mailing will always come from an @oxfam.se address .

Postal mailings to your home address always have our logo on the letter and contain donor service contact details. If we ask you to make a donation by bank transfer, Oxfam is always listed as the recipient when you sign. We can also ask that the gift be paid into Plusgiro 90 03 72-4, or Bankgiro 900-3724.

If you don't want a certain type of mailing (e.g. SMS), please contact Donor Services and we will arrange it directly. Please note that it may take a few weeks for the change to go through our system.

Oxfam Sweden's field representatives

If you live in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Linköping/Östergötland or Malmö/Skåne region, you may have already met our field representatives. They may have knocked on your door, through door-to-door canvassing, or you may have met them in town, for example at a shopping mall or your local train station, through street canvassing. Their job is to inform you about Oxfam's work and how you, by becoming a monthly donor, can help people out of poverty and injustice.

These methods are some of the most cost-effective ways of collection. A monthly donation allows us to plan our work for the long term to help more people who have been affected by poverty and injustice.

All field representatives are employed directly by Oxfam and have a fixed salary without commission. All staff receive thorough training on our work and issues. To make them recognisable to you, they always wear clothes with the Oxfam logo and an ID card visible. The ID includes a picture, first name and a unique ID number.

You can check that it is an Oxfam ID number by clicking on the link below, or by contacting the donor service:

E-mail: info@oxfam.se
Telephone: 08 411 88 22 (open weekdays 8-17)

Oxfam Sweden's field representatives

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