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Joevetah and Daniella harvesting Cassava, Sierra Leone. Photo: Nana Kofi Acquah / Oxfam

Business cooperation

As a company, you can be an important part of the fight against injustice and poverty.

Experts on corporate responsibility

With their global supply chains, extensive resources and influence, companies can play a vital role in the fight against poverty and injustice. That's why Oxfam works with the private sector, from small businesses to global players, encouraging them to contribute to a fair, sustainable economy that benefits all.

The reality is that millions of workers and farmers in global supply chains live in poverty, forced to accept substandard working conditions and other abuses. We want to change this. One way to do this is to work directly with companies. We are always looking for new partnerships with companies that want to contribute to a fairer and more equal world. With a local presence in the countries and contexts where workers and farmers operate, we have unique insight and trust. Our long experience and expertise make us a solid partner for companies that want to make a difference.

How does Oxfam work with businesses?

We want to improve the lives of workers and small-scale farmers in global supply chains by partnering with companies that want to make a difference. We do this by:

  • Promoting human rights for workers in global supply chains, and supporting companies to go beyond simply conducting social audits (the standard audits today), so they can better understand the risks of violations and their root causes
  • Working feminist and decolonial in everything we do
  • Both advise on acute problems and review the wider context and root causes
  • Be challenging - creating positive change for workers and producers in global supply chains is the primary goal of all our work with companies and we will, when necessary, be a critical friend providing you with constructive criticism
  • Be comprehensive and thorough - we measure the impact of a company's existing sustainability strategies through analysis and feedback, and advise on how monitoring and evaluation can be improved


What makes Oxfam unique?

  • Our approach is based on the rights holders, i.e. the workers and farmers whose conditions we work to improve
  • We always involve workers and farmers in problem definition and solution proposals
  • We are on the ground in the countries and contexts where farmers and workers operate through our global confederation


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The Global Goals

See what global goals your company can contribute to by working with us

1.3 billion people live in poverty today, half of them children. Goal 1 is about eradicating poverty in all its forms and giving every person in the world the chance of a dignified and secure life.

Oxfam works towards this goal both through our emergency response to disasters and crises, but also in our long-term projects. This can be when we help people rebuild communities after floods or when we work to help farmers earn a living from their work.

Some 821 million people are currently living with hunger. There is enough food to feed the world, but unequal distribution and inefficient management leave millions without.

Oxfam works towards this goal both when we distribute emergency food after disasters, but also through our advocacy work that shows how fair food distribution would change the situation.

Gender equality is about the fair distribution of power, influence and resources. Equality between women and men is also a prerequisite for successful sustainable development.

Oxfam is a feminist organisation, and that permeates everything we do. In our projects, we see how women and men are in need of different interventions, and how important it is to recognise the often particularly vulnerable position of women.

More than half of the world's workers are in precarious jobs and with poor working conditions. This can include substandard wages, lack of safety equipment or downright slave-like conditions.

Oxfam is active in promoting workers' human rights. We do this primarily in partnership with companies that want to improve their practices in their global supply chains.

Inequality is the root cause of poverty and injustice in the world. It damages societies and prevents sustainable development.

Equality is at the heart of Oxfam's work. In everything we do, we work for a more equal future. This is done when we are on the ground in disasters, when we work with farmers in Pakistan, but not least when our advocacy work can present hard facts on how global inequality can, and must, be reduced.

There are enough resources on our planet to meet all our needs. But we have used these resources irresponsibly, and we are now exceeding many of the planet's limits. Goal 12 is about keeping our production and consumption in line with the planet's resources.

Oxfam works on this mainly through our advocacy work with power holders and companies, but also when we work with companies and give suggestions on how they can improve their own practices.

As the world becomes more interconnected, global solutions to global problems such as poverty, injustice and the climate crisis are needed.

Oxfam is a global movement, we are present in 87 countries. The global approach is in everything we do, and we see that only global cooperation can solve the great challenges of our time.

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